Neverwinter is most notable as the last city your characters were in prior to the start of the adventure. At least, most notable for our purposes. It has a more storied history than that.

In the past Neverwinter was a prosperous city in the North, earning its name by virtue of the river that it is built around; the river flows from beneath Mount Hotenow, in particular a cavern that is home to a group of fire elementals. Because of these elementals-in-residence, the water of the river remains extremely warm as it makes its way to the sea- warm enough to keep the area immediately around the river from freezing even during snowfall.

And then someone (we’re not naming names) went and woke a primordial fire elemental who was also in residence, causing Mount Hotenow to erupt and destroy a lot of the surrounding area- including Neverwinter.

The rebuilding of Neverwinter was the result of various shadowy political forces all attempting to use the area to their advantage, and each having their own reasons to hasten its reconstruction. Various wars, both overt and covert, have taken place, and at any given point in time at least four major factions in the Realms are engaged in a war of intrigue attempting to wrest control from the others- usually while attempting to more directly attack their rivals.

This, along with the many fire elementals who are in residence nearby, monster-filled woods, undead in the remains of the city, and other things best left for more detailed accounts, means that Neverwinter is no longer considered one of the most civilized cities in the Forgotten Realms. But it’s certainly never dull.

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