Much like Neverwinter, Phandalin is built upon its own ruins. This small farming town was once much more prosperous, being home to a few individuals of note including quite powerful wizards. The kind of people who like to avoid living in large cities because there’ll be less angry guardsmen when something explodes and sends stonework ricocheting off the streets.

However, much like Conyberry, orcs destroyed Phandalin as well, leaving it little more than a twisted maze of broken stonework buildings. Which I suppose makes orcs raids akin to forest fires or beach erosion when looking at property in the Forgotten Realms.

After many years people began resettling in Phandalin, using flagstone foundations for new log homes and setting up a handful of businesses alongside their farms.


Places Of Interest

Barthen’s Provisions – The largest trading post in town, Barthen’s can provide a wide range of trade goods, provisions, tools and equipment- although they don’t stock armor or weapons. This is also where the group is supposed to deliver the wagonload of goods they left Neverwinter with (you still have it, don’t you?).

Lionshield Coster – Another trading post, this one is run by the Lionshields, a trading company operating out of a town several hundred miles to the east. They ship finished goods to the trading post for sale, including weapons and armor. The Lionshields have had to deal with a lot of brigands and bandits lately; their most recent caravan never arrived.

Stonehill Inn A half-timber building on a flagstone foundation and a small courtyard to one side with attached stables, this place makes you feel a little more rested just by looking at it. Probably doesn’t hurt that this is also the only inn in town, though the owner does seem to have a knack for figuring out how to run the place.

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