Mount Hotenow


Once upon a time, Mount Hotenow was just your average dormant volcano. Lots of lava, making it a pleasant place for fire elementals to spend their vacations, and really really hot springs that formed the source of the Neverwinter River.

Then some dwarves came along and they had an idea. This was a bad idea.

Building a city inside a dormant volcano- most might call that a bad idea. But they’re dwarves, and really, for them that just means lower heating bills in the… well, always.

No, the bad idea was finding a dormant fire elemental of godlike power (also known as a primordial) and deciding, “Hey- let’s enslave a god and use it to power our forge!”

Because all dwarves have some degree of mad scientist in them, after all.

And to their credit, they all died before that went wrong. But it did go wrong, as these things tend to do, when someone came along and decided to try and start the forge up again. Because they woke up the primordial for a moment, which caused it to release enough magical power to cause the volcano to erupt explosively, coating the surroundings in lava, ash, and toxic fumes, to say nothing of the associated earthquakes.

You will not be getting to poke the primordial in the adventure.

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Mount Hotenow

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