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This will serve as a general repository for the players, keeping track of characters and information relative to the adventure. I will attempt to keep the information focused on what is relevant to the adventure itself, as it is set in the Forgotten Realms, one of D&D’s oldest worlds, and thus attempting to include all Realmslore herein would be a Sisyphean task.

The Map
This is the area the adventure takes place in. Some, possibly all, locations will be important.

Locations of Interest

Neverwinter Once considered to be the most cosmopolitan and civilized city on the continent, after a minor incident involving an exploding volcano it has become considerably more chaotic in nature.
Phandalin A small human village, largely inhabited by farmers, prospectors, woodcutters and fur trappers. Sometimes described as ‘extremely quaint.’
Conyberry One of a number of ruined villages in the area. Supposedly a banshee lairs nearby.
Thundertree Another ruined village, destroyed by the volcano.
Mount Hotenow The aforementioned volcano, now dormant.
Wyvern Tor A crag that serves as a landmark in the area, former home to wyverns.

The Characters

Laucian Tomesplitter Moon Elf Wizard (Chaotic Good)
Kahlan Bramblewood Halfling Cleric (Lawful Good)
Emellyn Dornvale Wood Elf Fighter (Chaotic Neutral)
Human Rogue (Chaotic Good)
Elf Rogue

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