Kahlan Bramblewood

Alignment: Lawful Good Class: Cleric Race: Halfling (Lightfoot)
Size: 2’-5" Skin: a rosy white Hair: black and curly
Eyes: Brown Sex: Female


General Personality Traits:
Caring and full of common sense and intuition. She gets along well with other people albeit somewhat naively. The priest that took her in when her parents died did not have much time for her so she studied hard and learned her lessons well. Due to her small size and nimbleness she found ways to listen in on conversations she wasn’t invited to (although she felt extremely guilty about it). This won her favors with the other students at the temple. She carries a scar on her face from the tragedy that befell her family, but she does not know the details since she was so young when it happened. When she came of age she told the priests and teachers at the temple that she wanted to find out what happened to her family. They took 2 more years (seemed like forever to Kahlan) to teach the cleric skills she needed to survive outside the temple. Finally the day came when they felt she was ready to be on her own. They held a small ceremony wherein the eldest presented her with the last remaining item from her family, which turned out to be a deed for a parcel of land in a realm that she had never heard of. Amazed and with odly blurred vision she accepted their blessings and set foot out into the wild unknown.
Personality traits:
Although she gets along well with others, she has very little practical experience dealing with people in the outside world. She is caring, honest, very orderly and precise.
She always tries to help those in need no matter what the personal costs.
She owes her life to the priest and temple who took her in and raised her to adore Yondalla, the lawful good halfling deity.
Since she has been outside the temple she has found that she is suspicious of strangers, but willing to give them the benefit of the doubt (for good or bad). Her small size does not give her much strength and she fails at hand to hand combat.
Background – Acolyte


Strength – 8
Dexterity – 11+2 racial modifier
Constitution – 15
Intelligence – 11
Wisdom – 17
Charisma – 12+1 racial

Hit Dice – 1D8
Hit Points – 8+2 con mod
Saving throws – Wisdom & Charisma

Base walking speed – 25 ft
Lucky – When a 1 is rolled on attack ability or save, can re-roll and use that roll
Brave – resists fear
Can hide behind Medium to Large creatures
She follows the Life Domain of Yondalla which gives her a bonus of adding 2 points plus the spell’s level to healing hit points.

Skill Proficiencies – Insight and Medicine
*Language*s – Common, Halfling (+ 2 more from acolyte?)


Sacred Flame
Spare the Dying

1st LVL spells:

Inflict Wounds (cleric)
Shield of Faith (cleric)
Bless (from domain)
Cure wounds (from Domain)
Guiding Bolt
Healing Word
Detect magic

Starting Equipment:

Mace 1D6
Leather Armor
Light crossbow with 20 bolts 1D8
explorers pack
small shield
Holy symbol; Prayer Book; 5 sticks incense; Clerical robes (vestments)
normal clothes
Belt Pouch with 15 GP
The deed to a strange property

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Kahlan Bramblewood

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